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About Us

      In 1962, a religious survey was conducted in Toms River by Rev. William Bisgrove of New Momouth Baptist Church.  Survey results proved there was a need to organize an American Baptist Church.

     A meeting was then held in the home of Edward and Grace Werner. Also, in attendance, were Rev. William Bisgrove, Rev. Ralph Drisko, Richard and Helen Wesis, and Katherine Needham. The decision was made to form an American Baptist Church in Toms River. This was the first new church in the Monmouth Association in sixty-eight years. The Monmouth Association is now called the the North Shore Assocation.

       The Northern Baptist Churches of New Jersey (Now called American Baptist Churches of New Jersey) and the Association helped the new East Dover Baptist Church congregation purchase a farm on Bay Avenue. The barn was renovated into our first sanctuary by volunteer workers from ABCNJ  as well as Churches in our Association.

        It had been the dream of the congregation, from the very beginning in 1962, to build a new church building on what was later to become known as our "field of dreams." On August 24, 1997, East Dover Baptist Church celebrated its first worship service in its new sanctuary. Then on October 19, 1997, we formally dedicated the new edifice to the worship and glory of God.

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